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@beeshock says I have to wait until this is available through Redbox but the Blu-Ray / DVD combo is FIFTEEN DOLLARS. That’s a laughably low price!




Timmy, Lora, Beth, Luke, Larry Joe and Tony





Becca Barish is our guest for episode 17 and she has the dirty details regarding a John Stamos threesome! Well, she knows a guy who went to high school with a couple of girls who claim they had a threesome with John Stamos. Still, we can assume the details were pretty dirty! Becca also helps us deconstruct parts one and two of The Seven Month Itch, in which Uncle Jesse abandons his family to sing terrible baby boomer tunes at a crummy ski lodge. Cool Uncle, kids! Remember, we’re available through the iTunes Store, Libsyn and Stitcher, so prep your ears for whatever media experience you prefer!

Becca was a wonderful guest and this is a wonderful episode. Trust!

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(going clockwise from top left)

1. Chomp.

2. Chomp.

3. Me chomp?

4. Chomp.

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Ben Blacker: Ben and I sit down and kind of figure out what we want to make the actors do in any given month and we like to… Sparks is especially fun because we can kind of move the story along and it gets to evolve incrementally, but we get to put him in new relationships and facing new foes and having new obstacles …

Marc Evan Jackson: This is a terrible answer, I’ll answer it.


This is the most adorable kid and I won’t hear a word against that statement.

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